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AFTAC provides national authorities quality technical measurements to monitor nuclear treaty compliance to preserve the nation’s security. AFTAC employs over 1,000 Department of Defense military and civilian personnel.

AFTAC operates and maintains a global network of nuclear event detection sensors called the U.S. Atomic Energy Detection System (USAEDS). Once the USAEDS senses a disturbance underground, underwater, in the atmosphere or in space, the event is analyzed for nuclear identification and findings are reported to national command authorities through Headquarters U.S. Air Force.

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COSMOS (Consortium of Organizations for Strong-Motion Observation Systems) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to expand and significantly modernize the acquisition and application of strong-motion data in order to increase public safety from earthquakes.

The specific purpose of this Corporation is to serve as a consortium through which programs and institutions can work toward urgent improvement in earthquake strong-motion measurements, solve mutual problems with strong-motion instrumentation and data, and assist in the dissemination of strong-motion data.

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EarthScope is a NSF-funded program that has deployed thousands of seismic, GPS, and other geophysical instruments to study the structure and evolution of the North American continent and the processes that cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It involves collaboration between scientists, educators, policy makers, and the public to learn about and apply exciting scientific discoveries as they are made.

EarthScope comprises 3 interlinking components: EarthScope facilities operated by the UNAVCO and IRIS consortia; a research program that supports PI-led investigations; an investigator community coordinated by an academicEarthScope National Office, that actively participates in science planning, research, and facility governance.

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Founded in 1969, Geometrics is a world leader in the design, manufacture, sales and rental of rugged, portable, and easy-to-use geophysical instruments.   These technologically-innovative systems are used for land, airborne and marine subsurface investigations.  The company’s main product line includes proton precession and Cesium vapor magnetometers, high-resolution seismographs, analog and digital marine seismic streamers, and electrical conductivity and resistivity imaging systems.  Applications for our instruments include natural resource exploration, geotechnical and environmental assessments, ordnance detection and identification, surveillance, and marine tectonic research.  They are also used in mapping archaeological sites and in treasure hunting and for teaching and research.  For almost 50 years colleges, universities, research institutions, government agencies, and exploration firms have been depending on our experience and expertise to perform state-of-the-art geophysical surveys.

Geophysical instruments are often subjected to extreme stress:  heat and cold, rain and dust, shock and vibration that would daunt designers of conventional products.  Geophysical instrumentation must also have the highest level of technology, incorporating user interfaces that are simultaneously easy to use yet powerful enough to give in-field answers.

Geometrics has an extensive international representative network covering four continents and over 60 countries.  We offer world-class service and support.  With prior arrangement, we can be available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

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Güralp has been developing revolutionary force-feedback broadband seismic instrumentation for more than thirty years. Our instruments are used worldwide by academic, public, governmental and commercial organisations to understand and explore our world. We are joined on our booth by Ampere, our distributor for Latin America who also supply communications systems for seismic networks.

Güralp digital and analogue sensors record seismic events and signals of all kinds, from teleseismic events; to local and regional strong motion earthquakes; to microseisms induced by human activity. We engineer our products to meet the most complex of requirements for deployment in the harshest environments.

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iXblue is an independent industrial group, recognized worldwide for the design and manufacture of high-tech equipment devoted to navigation, positioning, seismology and underwater imaging.

With 30 years of unrivalled expertise in fiber-optic gyroscope technology, iXblue now offers a product line dedicated to rotational seismology – blueSeis-3A. It is the first broadband, low-noise rotational seismometer industrially available and field-proven with an outstanding true-north seismometer alignment solution with the iXblue QUADRANS –  a fully strap-down fiber-optic gyrocompass (FOG) and attitude reference system.

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Kinemetrics, Inc. is a Science Application Corporation based in Pasadena, California. Kinemetrics is specialized in the design and manufacturing of earthquakes, volcanoes and explosions monitoring equipment, including seismometers and accelerometers, digitizers and recorders, data acquisition and processing software, data centers, network and system design, field installations, and network operation.

Kinemetrics’ solutions cover everything from local/regional/global networks, induced seismicity monitoring, building code compliance and structural health monitoring, nuclear power plants monitoring, to business continuity solutions.

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For over 30 years, Nanometrics has provided award-winning monitoring solutions and equipment for studying man-made and natural seismicity. Nanometrics delivers world-class network design, installation and training services throughout the globe in a safety conscious environment that is utilized by the world’s leading scientific institutions, universities and major corporations.

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The Raspberry Solution is a Professional Grade Seismograph and/or Infrasound Solution that integrates a seismometer sensors (2 secs natural frequency), an accelerograph sensors (+/-2g), or an infrasound sensor (+/- 125 Pa), with a 24-bits digitizer, and a Raspberry Pi micro-computer into a single enclosure (all-in-one), it is an IoT plug-and-go solution for seismological and infrasound monitoring applications.

There are over 500 stations on-line all around the world, check out our interactive WebUI powered by GEMPA – SeisComP3 Software Solutions.

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For over 40 years REF TEK®, a Trimble Brand, has thoughtfully designed and manufactured a wide range of robust, reliable hardware and software solutions for scientists from the North Pole to the South Pole, and everywhere in between. All products in our portfolio are renowned for outstanding accuracy, and our team are knowledgeable about your scientific and academic data requirements. Anytime during your installation process, you can turn to our trustworthy service and support team for backup and advice.

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Stop by to discover more about the Seismological Society of America! Learn about the benefits of an SSA membership and peruse through our most recent issues of BSSA and SRL.

Donate a suggested $5.00 at the booth to the SSA Student Travel Grant Fund and receive one of our colorful Puerto Rico meeting grocery bags! And don’t forget to swing by during the Pint and Poster break Wednesday for a commemorative Seismology poster, designed and letterpress printed by Hatch Show Print in Nashville, Tennessee.

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In the 1970s when our seismologists used smoked paper drums for earthquake monitoring, we decided to develop our own digital seismograph. The first 4 generations of recorder were developed at RMIT University before our observatory was privatised, allowing us to develop even better tools for our colleagues worldwide.

With plug-and-play simplicity to continuously record or stream observatory-grade data, our 7th generation seismograph, the Gecko, is complimented by a range of free software applications that means you don’t need to be an IT expert to run a network of seismographs.

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